Investment expertise built on research and relationships.

Globetec Asset Managers setup portfolios by boosting a relationship with investors. By building long term relationships between the clients and us, we are able to tailor-make an Investment Policy Statement that meets the objectives of a client.

We assist HNWI to expand, manage and secure their wealth by having a great understanding of the individual as well as mastering the market research to deliver wealth-management strategies that are responsive to evolving market conditions.

The wealth management team is built on investment expertise and has unwavering focus on the financial wellness and needs of our clients. We articulate their goals and create an asset-allocation strategy designed to achieve those objectives. Each portfolio is built on a detailed knowledge of the client’s financial situation. Be it;

  • Retirement planning
  • Education funding
  • Wealth-growth
  • Cash-flow needs
  • Time frame


As portfolio management is a process, we continually identify potential challenges to the portfolio and identify asset-allocation strategies to mitigate these risks. Our active management and strategic asset allocation capabilities are designed to create portfolios that are able to respond to evolving opportunities and risks in today’s markets and to attempt to maximize the portfolio’s long-term success.

Private Wealth Management discuss the importance of risk management and approach to managing risk. Our risk management philosophy focuses on the structure used to assess and manage risk, the team responsible for risk management and the experience and tools available for risk management.

At Globetec Asset, you can be positive of a high level personalized service that will meet your requirements with timely reporting and feedback.