Globetec connects investors to rapidly growing companies in emerging markets. We identify investment opportunities with strong growth prospects, experienced management teams and defensible business models. We offer strategic and operational support through targeted analysis and recommendations, develop detailed growth plans and provide an executable road map for implementation. Our vast experience allows us to build strategic and tailored frameworks to guide executives in the selection of optimal business strategies.

  • Experienced team with over thirty years of combined experience in emerging market transactions.
  • Ability to match strategic debt and equity capital with high growth opportunities in emerging markets.
  • Strong relationships with reputable investors, family offices and banks.
  • Expertise to assist companies to expand their operations across geographies and access new markets.

Our Services Include:


  • Market analysis and transaction origination:

We provide strategic advisory services to leading international investors, undertaking top-down analysis of attractive sectors poised for expansion in select emerging markets to identify individual companies with scalable business models, strong profitability and attractive return potential. Our origination services are designed to align investors’ sector, financial return and social impact objectives with target companies.


  • Capital raising and M&A:

Based on a growth plan, we raise expansion debt and equity capital to optimize our client’s capital structure. We also work with shareholders seeking partial and full exits from privately owned businesses. We advise our clients on developing unique risk-reward profiles for each transaction we undertake.

  • Growth & market entry strategy:

Assisting companies in expanding their operations across geographies to access new markets. We collaborate with companies to develop and execute growth strategies that include regional expansion, formation of alliances, joint ventures and other value enhancing relationships and acquisitions.

  • Strategic and operational planning:

Developing essential tools to align investor and management expectations and employee execution. We work in partnership with our clients to develop medium and long-term strategic plans, budget forecasts and define a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to maximize financial returns and social impact.

  • Due diligence:

We leverage our sector teams to perform industry and company specific due diligence to test, refine and execute of our clients’ emerging market strategy. We utilize our network of industry experts to ensure our clients are positioned to make informed decisions.